thinking of moving my color work blog to Ello … really digging it

" NYFW " NYC d kelly photography

" Ina "  NYC d kelly photography

you claimed to be a mentor.

now you are an imitator.

like a ” stolen shadow “

i wear my heart on my sleeve. deal with it.

 that said, have you ever pondered  … where do ideas come from  ?

" actually id rather be inspired by painting, less by others photography"


copying other peoples art technique or style


" day out "  prattsville ny

d kelly photography

" the corn was high " Middleburgh NY

d kelly photography

" out back "  NJ

 d kelly photography

" dani my new muse "  NYC

d kelly photography

" boardwalk " NJ

d kelly photography

everytime i go to a boardwalk i wonder ” is this really a good thing ” ? generating alot of garbage and catering to tourists buying useless junk made in other countries who use slave labor to make them.

there has to be  a better way.

ALL that said i know alot of people have childhood  memories of summer vacations at a boardwalk …that are nothing but goodness.

yes i am torn.

" dani " NYC

d kelly photography